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Vulcano, the Spock's planet really exists.

vulcano credit florida university

Logbook,stardate 8102.981. Scientists announces that in the habitable zone of Eridani 40 planetary system a planet orbits around the main star of the triple star system. It's the place where the Start Trek Series ideator locate Vulcano, the originary planet of Spock, the half human and half vulcanian member of Enterprise.



Spock gip

The fictional character was originally impersonated by Leonad Nimoy and it is one of the mains characters beloved from the passionates. What's the news? The habitable zone is a regione around a star where the water can be liquid and this is one of the condition for life development as we know it. This constellation is relatively near us, because the distance is about 16 light years. The announcemnt on the  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (site) (news). The Dharma Planet Survey is a project that involve observation of dwarfs  stars. The program aims to monitor about 150 nearby very bright FGKM dwarfs (whitin 50 pc) during 2016-2020. The detection for low-mass planet and its characterization is made by using TOU very high resolution optical spectrograph.

The birth of the "Live long and prosper" greetings explained by Leonard Nimoy.